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    Our Kid’s Bedroom

    When our kids were little, we had them share a room but split them up once we realized they kept waking each other up at night. Not in the sweet, playful way, but the crying, bedtime routine all over again way. With a toddler and infant, that was not something we wanted to go through every night. We made the guest room a separate kid’s bedroom. After the kids got older, our girl decided on her own to sleep in her brother’s room for company. His room started out as a guest room, so there was a full-sized bed there in addition to the crib. Over the years they would…

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    are you the favorite?

    “I don’t have a favorite, I love you three the same”, my parents would always answer. Growing up with 2 younger sisters, we would always question who was our parents “favorite” and would always get the same response. Being incredibly different in personality, actions, feelings and even lifestyle, it would baffle us that our parents didn’t have a favorite. For mothers, studies show that one of the biggest predictors of favoritism has to do with similarity. I know growing up, my sister was adventurous and a bit of a risk-taker, which my mom could relate to as a young teenager. I don’t know about fathers, but I can tell you…