the struggle: skincare for men

Disclosure: this is a compensated campaign in collaboration with NEUTROGENA MEN® and Latina Bloggers Connect


I’m a proclaimed product junkie. My husband is fully aware of this issue and has chosen (wisely so) to let go of the fact that I have a gazillion tiny sample bottles, tubes and jars scattered all over our apartment. It was only after I got him a subscription to Birchbox Men that he began contributing to the sample collection.

But I’m a woman, and women need to try products to find the best one that fits our lifestyle, even if that takes years. We are all different. I stick with the basics that smell wonderful. My mom has aging skin and uses serums and oils religiously. My sister has super sensitive skin and uses only fragrance-free products on the daily. The thing is, we as women have figured this out. So why is skincare for men so challenging?

Getting my husband to wash and moisturize his face at night or in the morning is almost a hassle. Don’t even get me started on adding a scrub, mask, or eye cream… “umm, sorry sweetie, not going to do it”, I can hear him tell me.


When we first started dating I remember bringing up the issue of skin care. I was in the thick of my job in product development for a top beauty company, and we were coming out with a male grooming product line. I went all into the ingredients, “must have” products, and reasons why it’s a good idea to use a mask every once in a while.

I got crickets…

So when the kind folks over at NEUTROGENA MEN®  wanted to get the word out about the importance of skin care when it came to shaving, I was all over it. I was armed with the following:

  • Sensitive Skin Shave Cream $4.99
  • Razor Defense® Daily Face Scrub $5.99
  • Invigorating Face Wash $5.99
  • Triple Protect Face Lotion SPF 20 $6.99

Aside from it being the #1 skincare for men line, it’s priced so well you almost have to try it.  It’s specifically for sensitive skin and can be used daily.  

Now, my husband isn’t one to spend time in front of the mirror. He’s a splash of water on the face, rub of the towel and out the door. However, when it comes to shaving, he’s precise and careful, making sure to get a good, clean shave. As his wife, I appreciate that. As his wife with beauty experience, I know that skin care is more than just a good shaving cream.


So I challenged him to use these products for one week, religiously and see what he thought. After much convincing, he obliged.

The face wash was by far his favorite. The lather was great, smelled manly, and had that invigorating, “tingly” feeling that he loved.


The shaving cream was easy to use, went on super smooth and didn’t leave any residue, a win/win in his book.


So while he’ll never be of the product junkie caliber that I am, my husband now washes his face with more than water, and I have Neutrogena to thank for that.

So what do you think? Let me know in the comments below!