Family & Motherhood

Boy, Oh Boy!

We always knew we wanted to give Olivia a sibling. My sisters and I are best friends, so how could we not give our little one that opportunity? Justin has a sister, my dad has a sister and my mom has 2 other siblings. So when Justin and I talked about bringing another little one into this world to be a partner in this one-of-a-kind family of ours, it wasn’t even a question.

Enter procrastination.

We didn’t know the age difference we wanted them to be, and when people would ask us when we’re going to have another one, our response was always “eventually, but not now”.

Enter the now.

It’s almost as if God gave us the push we would never give ourselves. Like the universe told us “ok, I know you want this, and you aren’t getting any younger, and you obviously aren’t there yet, so let me help”. And BOOM! Positive pregnancy test.

And with modern medical technology, and my history of a not-so-awesome pregnancy and “advanced maternal age”, we were able to determine the sex of our little gummy bear (or as I would like to call it, the parasite that is trying to kill me in the first trimester). We are happy to announce that we are having a BOY!

Yep, a boy. Justin is beyond stoked, and I’m a little nervous of having a different gender when all I know is the life of girls. So far everything has checked out as normal and at 14 weeks (or as I like to call- magic week), I’m able to eat again (YES). Come this June, Olivia will be a big sister!

Our little one has been such a wonderful experience that beyond exceeded my thinking of how it would be to raise a child, let alone a daughter. She’s smart, curious, active, loving and sleeps through the night, man. I love her more than my heart can take, and she’s going to be such an incredible big sister.

Here’s to our new family of 5!