Family & Motherhood

Baby Stations


Before Kids: Master Bedroom, Living Room and Baby Room

After Kids: Station #1, Station #2, Baby Room (Station #3)

Walk into our house and there should be no question we have a kid. Our living room is packed with books, bead mazes and so many things that play music, sing songs and flash an obscene amount of lights. We know all the songs on the Playskool drum activity station (“yeah yeah!”) and VTech walker (“welcome to our learning farm, we have much to show you!”) it’s almost sad. But our little one loves it and it keeps her entertained without staring at a TV so we roll with it.

Our day consists of going from baby station to baby station, up and down the stairs, with 2 breaks for naps. I hear the songs when they aren’t playing and know the books by memory (Brown Bear, Brown Bear anyone?). With all of that, I’m still amazed of how much our little one learns everyday and how much more she can can do today than she did yesterday.

When she goes to sleep at night and I start winding down from the day, I look at these toys and look forward to what new skill she’ll figure out tomorrow. Until then, I enjoy the silent break.


Then I lay my head on the pillow and my mind says:

“welcome to our learning farm, we have much to show you…”