awkward silence

Hey readers! I thought I would write this post today to hopefully make you laugh a bit (or at least smile) to get ready for the weekend.

There are a few things that run consistently in my daily work life:

1. I’m always late (and no it’s not disrespectful of other people’s time when there isn’t a meeting)

2. I get my morning coffee, usually around the same time as another guy in the office who I usually engage in small talk. When I ask him how he is, I get the same response every time: “trying to make it” he says, with a big smile on his face. Yep, me too.

3. Keep my bright pink water bottle filled with that lovely H2O. I was told that the water in Hawaii is awesome and doesn’t taste like water. I need to try that.

4. I listen to dance music at work. For some reason it helps me write and that’s cool.

One thing that I didn’t mention is that I take the elevator every morning. My office is located on the second floor, and although I could take the stairs, I usually opt for the cardio friendly elevator.

The elevator is such an interesting concept, taking you from one floor to another with no effort on your part. I mean, I guess you have to make an effort to press the button. One of the days, if I ever work in an office with lots of floors, I want to be like Will Ferrell in Elf and push all the buttons (“It looks like a Christmas Tree!”).

The elevator is made to pack in as many people as possible and force awkward silences and insincere politeness. There are all kinds of elevator personalities:

– Those that just look up the entire time (as if they are helping the elevator get to its destination with super powers).

– Those that make filler noises (grumbling, sighing, grunting).

– Those that insist on talking on their phone and are still surprised when the call is dropped (did I lose you?).

– Those that try to make small talk (man it’s cold out there!).

– Those that just smile at everyone, which annoys me because they are the morning people (I don’t like morning people. They are the reason I need to be at work before noon).

Then those are those like me who look for something to focus on. I always focus on the sign on the door that certifies the elevator is safe (certificate of something or other). I still don’t know what this thing says but I look at it everyday.

I’m lucky that my elevator experience hasn’t been that bad. I haven’t encountered smelly people, crying babies or people who let one out as the doors are closing. I haven’t had to be packed in like sardines. I understand it would be much worse, and I’m sorry if you’re one of the ones that has to endure those situations. If I were you, I’d take the stairs.

So next time, when you’re in that elevator (going down or up), take a look around at the elevator personalities. If you encounter one, just look down (or around) and quietly laugh at them, that’s always fun. Have a great weekend!!

Oh, and tomorrow is my sister’s birthday. Happy Birthday Vanessa!!! Love you sister 🙂