what the hills y’all: this is where rich people live

What the Hills Y’all: Adventures of a Texas girl living in San Francisco

San Francisco Pac Heights
beautiful street walking, views and even a lemon tree!

One thing I’ve come to learn about San Francisco is that there is an endless amount of things to see. There is so much history, fascinating architecture and a whole street where rich people live.

Justin and I have been taking advantage of the awesome service,, where you can book a customized date for two (read about our beer tasting date at Upcider for more information). This past weekend we did a walking tour of Pac Heights, a neighborhood in San Francisco with all the charm, personality, and so much history of San Francisco.

San Francisco Pac Heights
I want a yellow door now

Our tour guide was fantastic and had a ton of information for us. He talked about the difference between a Victorian style home vs. Edwardian, the different types of detail (jigsaw and gingerbread) on the houses, and how people used to travel before cable cars. The picture below is of the inventor of the cable car system. Note to self: invent something.

San Francisco Pac Heights
this is where you live if you invent the cable car system

We even got to walk into an estate sale (which we learned is what happens when someone with money dies) and got an impromptu self tour of a 3 million dollar home (woah).

San Francisco Pac Heights
estate sale at a $3 million house

My favorite part was, of course, seeing the Mrs. Doubtfire house. Our tour guide was telling us how Robin Williams insisted on that house for the movie because at the time he lived about a block away and wanted to wake up, have his morning coffee and walk to work (not a morning person- I hearya Mr. Williams). The house was owned by his friend at the time so they didn’t have to pay for it (seems like a win/win).

San Francisco Mrs. Doubtifre House

If you’re interested in learning about, check out their website and see if your city is one they service. I was not paid in any way to talk about the site or their services. As a Texas girl living in the city, I’m all about exploring. Hopefully this gives you some ideas when you are visiting the city!