in review: pozo mercado


Just when you think you’ve been to every place on McKinney Ave, a new place opens up. Enter Pozo Mercado, the “white house” of McKinney Ave.

No, it’s not short for “pozole”, the Mexican dish. It is a new Mexican restaurant comfortably seated next to Standard Pour and owned by the same people. The restaurant has an outdoor patio, a must for people watching. The super chill vibe is also great to hang out with friends after work (so you can make fun of the people you’re watching).

outdoor patio

The food is definitely more Mexican and less Tex-Mex, which in Texas is tough to find. So when I was invited to taste the menu, it took me .005 seconds to say yes.

Here you can expect the same creative and oh so delicious drinks that Sfuzzi and Standard Pour have, but with a Mexican twist that made me proud. My favorite was the spiked horchata.

After munching on spicy guacamole, ceviche and white queso (yum), we decided to continue the eating marathon with 2 dishes to share: chile relleno and enchilada casserole.

chile relleno

The chile relleno was my favorite- crispy on the outside and cheesy meat goodness on the inside. I could’ve had an entire plate of this.

Dessert consisted of one item, a flan, which swam in a pool of delicious caramel sauce.

Menu is still being worked on, but I’m hoping they add a few more desserts as I think the flan needs some friends.

Overall, go check this place out. Great for people watching, venting about work, trying some new cocktails or dancing the night away (bar and DJ upstairs at this place). Don’t be the one that hasn’t checked this place out, for realz.


2908 McKinney Ave / facebook