in review: farmers market

I love the farmers market. My husband and I decided to go one afternoon just to do something on Sunday and I fell in love with it. I’ve been going ever since.

farmers market

I love the feeling of being able to support local farmers, get fresh fruits and veggies and even herbs.

farmers market

The outdoor “sheds” is where you find all the produce, but the indoor market sells food, sweets and locally made soaps, clothes, jewelry, olive oil and even wine. Some to take note of:

Pecan Lodge has gotten some rave reviews for its BBQ and there is always a line around the corner during lunch time.

Fudgemakers make homemade fudge of all varieties and you can sample every flavor if you want to. So decadent and a perfect gift to bring out-of-town guests.

Ain’t No Mo! Butter Cakes are right when you walk in and have mini cakes enough to want to eat carbs for the rest of your life. So buttery, moist and sweet I can’t take it. I don’t want to know the calorie info because it would just break my heart.

farmers market

farmers market

When you walk outside, the Dallas Farmers Market has a BEAUTIFUL nursery for all things flowers, pots, seeds, plants and decor to make your outdoor space a dream. I could totally do it if I didn’t have a tendency to kill plants and flowers (they are so needy, wanting water an all, geez).

farmers market

I mean come on right? So beautiful…

So here’s the thing- go to your local farmers market. You’re supporting the local farmers, getting fresh, preservative-free produce and it’s just such a great outing on a weekend (even for families).

farmers market


I don’t know about the other farmer’s market, but here are some tips for visiting the Dallas one:

– Go on the weekends. It’s really the best time to go since everything is open. Getting there in the morning/early afternoon means you get to interact with the farmers (get their take on what’s in season), grab some lunch and get the whole experience. During the week the variety isn’t as great and not all farmers are there.

– The market is split between local farmers and produce dealers. Local farmers prices are usually the same or a bit lower than the grocery store. Produce dealers will give you the best bang for your buck, but they are shipping produce from all over.

– When buying produce, it’s cash only so make sure you get those dollar bills beforehand. There is an ATM inside, but with the fees, etc. it’s just not worth it. Plan ahead.

So tell me, have you been to a farmers market? What did you think?

Hope everyone is having a great week so far!