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sister night

sister night

There is one thing that is constant on Monday night, and don’t you even say Monday Night Football. For me it’s sister night and tonight will be my last one living here in Dallas before I’m off to San Francisco.

Sister night was developed (look at me all sounding patent-pending, trademark-like) by my 2 younger sisters and I when we realized it was stupid to be in the same city and not see each other every week. So we made a deal to pick a day that worked for all of our after-work schedules and get together sans-husbands, friends, boyfriends, etc. Our plan was great on paper: we would get the ingredients sometime that week, decide whose house would host (and that person was responsible for the entrée), while the other 2 would bring an appetizer, dessert, and the most important item, wine. Of course it sounded fantastic, until life got in the way.

Sometimes we would eat out, go to the house where the husband would be home late or traveling (even if it wasn’t her turn), while other days we had to change the day to later that week or even skip a week if need-be. One thing was constant though, we got together and it became a priority that others around us just had to understand. Sister night was our time to hang out together without distractions. To ask advice, update on each others lives, make each other laugh and most importantly, solidify the close attachment we have for one another.

With my youngest sister now living in LA and my San Francisco move this week, sister night isn’t going to be what it used to. Lucky for us we live in a digital world where there is Skype, Facetime (thanks to this one finally getting on the iPhone train), and even the good ol’ phone. I plan on calling my sisters every Monday (so if you are reading this Natalia and Vanessa, I’ll be stalking you on Monday night) to do just that.

Our sisterhood is too important for life to get in the way.

I’d love to know, do you have any rituals with your siblings? Let me know if the comments below.

Have a great week everyone!

p.s. sister birthday wishes and the one that moved to LA