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It’s really happening

image via JulieAnnArt on Etsy

Yep, no joke folks, Justin and I are going to become a threesome in less than a year and it’s been one hell of a ride so far!

I’ve heard about morning sickness from others and how much it sucks, but I can honestly tell you that it means nothing until you actually go through it. With 6 weeks of what felt like the never-ending stomach flu, I’m now in a place where it’s manageable and can actually have “real food” (as in anything but saltine crackers and ginger ale) without throwing up (I will never have sour patch kids candy again). I can’t go into crazy weird food yet (as my body aggressively told me the other day), but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

I so desperately wanted to feel like this and I’m much more closer to that now:


In lieu of a long post, I thought I’d do something a bit different and answer the following questions every week on my progress, hopes, fears and things I’ve learned along the way.

1. How big is the baby?

I’m 14 weeks and baby is the size of a beet.

2. Foods I Love…

Right now it’s more about foods that I can keep down which include toast with jelly, cappelletti in brodo (which is one of my favorites right now, especially the kind my mom makes), and any kind of salad. I’m all about salads (which is something I never got into pre-pregnancy).

3. Foods I Hate…

Rice, which is a bit disappointing as that used to be one of my comfort foods. White rice is the worse.

4. How I’m Feeling…

MUCH better compared to previous weeks. I’m still nauseous during the day, but it’s much more manageable now. I also developed pretty awful acid reflux that I had to get on prescription medication for, and now it’s better. Heartburn is common for pregnancy, but acid reflux is enough to make you want to puke. Don’t know what it is? Imagine eating a bunch of bread without water and not being able to “wash it down”. Yup.

5. Looking Forward To…

Being able to eat a real meal and keeping it down, finding out what pregnancy cravings I’ll have (I hope it’s more exciting than salads) and overall just feeling better and like myself again.

6. Scared About…

Being a curvy girl all my life, I’m not too concerned about getting bigger, as I’ve battled that my entire life. Right now it’s a fear of the unexpected and things to come as this is my first pregnancy. I’m not one to just “let it flow” and “relax” so my gears are definitely turning as each week comes and goes.

7. Things I’ve Learned…

Preggie Pops have been a LIFE SAVER for me for morning sickness the last couple of weeks. They taste like Jolly Ranchers and really does seem to help calm my stomach. Could be mental, but I don’t care, bring them on. I also found a great pregnancy tracking app that I really like and gives me some great info while letting me track everything- super helpful when doctor needs info at appointments. 

To all the pregnant mommies out there, I know how you feel and happy to be joining the club 🙂