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if i knew then what i know now…


Sometimes it’s good to reflect. To think about how far you’ve come, what you’ve accomplished and what you have left to do in this life. Here are a few things I would tell myself if I knew then what I know now…

1. In choosing a career, think about what you’re drawn to. If it’s being creative, quit applying to jobs that have to do with math, spreadsheets and logistics (you hate that stuff remember?). You’ll find something you love and it’ll be your true calling.

2. Yoga is awesome, give it a try.

3. When you think a cleanse is a good idea, slap yourself in the face. A hard cleanse is NEVER a good idea (especially one that involves eliminating caffeine).

4. Don’t try to change yourself to be one of the popular kids. You’re never going to be one of those kids. Do your own thing and it’ll work out, I promise.

5. You will find the man of your life. Don’t settle for anything less than butterflies.

6. There is no sense driving yourself crazy worrying about things that aren’t happening right now. Wait until it happens, then go ballistic 🙂

7. Be patient, you’ll get to see Oprah one day.

8. When planning a big event, keep this phrase in your head: “no regrets”. Only then can you look back and say to yourself you had everything you wanted.

9. If it’s meant to be, it’ll happen. That goes for a lot of things. Just ride with the waves. Everything happens for a reason.

10. Always have Lemongrass tea, Swedish fish and some time to take a hot shower on hand. It’s the little things that can make the day.

How about you? Feel free to discuss in the comments below!