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It’s A…

baby reveal cupcakes

When the time neared when we would find out what the gender of our baby was going to be, people would ask us if we were going to find out, or wait until the baby was born. My response every time was:

“There are enough surprises in pregnancy, this one isn’t going to be one of them”

Justin (being like a lot of daddy-to-be’s) really wanted a boy, and I dreamt it would be a girl. Growing up with 2 sisters who are my forever best friends and seeing the relationship I have with my mom, it seemed the desirable choice (even though a boy would be quite fun). We did a lot of the old wives tale tricks like the Chinese Gender Chart and heart rate test (both turning out to be correct). When the ultrasound tech finally got to the gender, it was a resounding:

“It’s A Girl!”


I knew I wanted to do some kind of gender reveal party, but since my parents and sister were going to be in town and going to the ultrasound along with my mother-in-law, Justin and I decided to do a mini reveal get-together for the rest of his family.

I’m all about cupcakes, and I decided to get some simple ones done at Kara’s Cupcakes here in San Francisco. 10 minutes later we had fresh, delicious, absolutely adorable vanilla cupcakes to bite into at the same time to reveal the pink frosting!



Here’s to our baby girl and all things PINK 🙂