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baby thoughts: halfway through


I can’t believe I’m halfway through this pregnancy thing. Although not the smoothest pregnancy and isn’t showing signs of getting better (although it’s also not showing signs of getting worse which I am immensely grateful for), it has been cool to listen to her heart beat whenever we want, which was made possible by a family friend who let us borrow her fetal doppler 🙂

I have been a little dissapointed with these supposed “pregnancy cravings”, which I really haven’t had yet. I think my love for cesar salad and kettle chips were because my body didn’t go into complete freak-out mode when I had them. I’m also finding that as more time goes by, those foods I “crave” slowly start to fade out as I try other things that my body won’t lash-out at me for (I like to imagine heavy metal music and screaming when I eat something it doesn’t like versus soft jazz and smiles when I eat something it does like).

As a creative person, I thought my cravings would be fun and super unusual, like scrambled eggs with peanut butter and maple syrup or something that sounds completely disgusting to others but the most delicious thing to me. Haven’t happened yet. Ah well, at least I’m not puking… hail to all the Gods for that.

1. How big is the baby?

I’m 23 weeks and baby is the size of a bunch of grapes (or for the dad-to-be, the size of a small baseball mitt).

2. Foods I Love…

Honest Tea Peach White Tea, cupcakes and fresh fruit. Unfortunately, no crazy cravings. The foods I like are ones that my body doesn’t have a temper tantrum over, and I appreciate that.

3. Foods I Hate…

Anything “grain-y” like oatmeal, barley, seeds or small nuts. I find the little grains get stuck in my throat and cause that stupid lump to linger. I also stay away from carbonated beverages as they tend to make my acid reflux flare up.

4. How I’m Feeling…

Every day is better, but I haven’t really felt “awesome” yet, and have doubts that I will feel completely “back to normal” until after I deliver. I am getting more excited about having a little girl and bought her first little dress and sweater the other day (shown above). With 4.5 months to go, it’s now time to start thinking about car seats, strollers, cribs, etc. etc. etc. Our work is cut out for us.