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baby thoughts: 3rd trimester

3rd trimester

I finally reached the 3rd trimester, the home stretch, or the time to start freaking out about all the things that still need to get done before the baby comes.

I can totally understand and sympathize with pregnant mommys-to-be that just want their baby to be born. Enough of the bloating, heavy feeling, heartburn, GERD, and tiredness that comes with carrying a new life. The one cool thing that has  made the symptoms more tolerable is being able to feel her move. Justin can now feel her and we can see my belly move when she’s “choreographing”. Pregnancy is so weird.

1. How big is the baby?

I’m 29 weeks and baby is the size of a pineapple (or for the dad-to-be, the size of a loaf of bread). It’s crazy how she started as a poppyseed!

2. Foods I Love…

Chewy candy (skittles, jelly beans, swedish fish) is the food of choice for this “little bee”, and something I need to watch. Lemonade has also stuck throughout the majority of this pregnancy as a thumbs up.

3. Foods I Hate…

Any kind of red meat sounds gross to be, which is dissapointing as I’m now iron-deficient. Also, anything “grain-y” like oatmeal, barley, seeds or small nuts are a no as the little grains get stuck in my throat and cause that stupid lump to linger. I also stay away from carbonated beverages as they tend to make my acid reflux flare up. This baby sure is picky.

4. How I’m Feeling…

With just 11 weeks to go, I’ve come to terms with the fact that I won’t get that “I feel great” feeling that a lot of mommys-to-be reach. The sensitive stomach, lump in my throat, bloating and not being able to eat a full meal without feeling incredibly full is alive and well. However, feeling her kick and being able to share that experience with Justin and my family has been the coolest and weirdest thing ever. Somewhere at 27 weeks I “popped” and I definitely look pregnant now. Now it’s time to take some baby prep classes, finish the registry, enjoy baby showers and some prenatal yoga!

3rd trimester
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