Family & Motherhood

a night in for one

I come home after work on a Friday night and sit on the couch petting Mya. I already know it’s going to be that kind of night, a night for one.

night for one


I walk to the bathroom, picking up bubble bath, oils and a pillow on the way there to avoid multiple trips. As I turn on the faucet, the warm water just tempts me with visions of relaxation. As the water fills the tub and the smell of the luxurious bubbles fill the room, its time to set the scene.

I walk to the living room and turn on the music channels. Jazz sounds about right to set the mood. No top hits, pop or hip hop here. I light some candles and grab some reading material.

By this time the bath is almost done with scents of warm vanilla from the bubbles. Music is set, lights are turned down and Mya is sitting on the couch relaxing (she knows the drill). All that’s left is some wine. I walk into the kitchen in my cozy bathrobe and pick out a bottle. Red, white or sparkling it doesn’t matter, there are no plans tonight.

night for one

As I bring the bottle into the bathroom, I take a deep breath and melt into my garden tub. Listening to the cheesy jazz music I reach for my glass of wine and just relax. A perfect night for one.

That used to be my ritual when I was single and living alone. Although I wouldn’t trade the nights I have now with Justin, I have to admit those nights were pretty great. It was for those nights that you just want to be alone- no friends, family or people in general. Just a night for you.

Do you have a ritual like this? When was the last time you took some time out for just yourself?