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    what the hills y’all: the redwood trees and blue ocean water of Santa Cruz

    I have a friend here that has lived in the Bay Area for years, and would tell me stories of when she lived in Santa Cruz just so she could be by the water. On a rare Northern California day that was predicted to reach a high of 90 degrees and no rain, we decided to go to Santa Cruz and check out the forest known as Nisene Marks and the beautiful beach. Our first stop was the forest, where we let our dogs off leash to roam and sniff while we walked, surrounded by nature at it’s best. The fresh, pollution-free air and faint scent of redwood trees was…

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    what the hills y’all: driving the california coast

    What the Hills Y’all: Adventures of a Texas girl living in San Francisco Want to see nature on a good hair day? Driving down the California coast will make you second guess why you prefer the indoors versus outdoors. The coast is beautiful. I knew California was known for its scenic views, but this was on a whole other level. Blue water for miles, towering mountains, luscious green trees, farmland lined with yellow and purple blooming flowers. It’s really mind-blowing. Justin decided to take the long drive to Palm Springs for Coachella to show me the coast and I’m so glad he did. Road trips in Texas are nothing like this. The drive…

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    holidays in california

    Hey guys! It was so great spending the holidays in California. Although it was my very first time being away from my family this year, the celebrations were wonderful. We did everything this girl could think of while visiting beautiful California including a day in Napa Valley, a Stanford basketball game followed by walking around downtown Palo Alto and sightseeing in downtown San Francisco (cable car, Lombard street, Union Square). Christmas Eve and Christmas Day was celebrated with family and I am overjoyed by the welcome I received while there. I’m telling you I have the best in-laws in the world 🙂 New Years Eve was fantastic and started with…